Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Sweetness!

Just some random sweet pics of a few special days recently....

A few weeks ago, Janie and I went to visit a dear friend, Mandy. We planned to have lunch, go to park, and then go meet Elmo.....yes, Elmo. He is a huge celebrity in our household!

We decided it was way toooo hot at the park, so we left an went to play indoors at
 the Learning Express toy store! 

Then it was time to see Elmo! Well, let's just say Janie was not too sure of this Elmo. He was much, much, much bigger than the Elmo on Sesame Street or any of her Elmo toys. When she first saw him from a distance she was excited and saying "Melmo, Melmo" but the closer we got, the bigger Elmo got and Janie wasn't so sure anymore....

Janie and her Gramps being silly!

This past weekend was Family Movie Night at the church. Janie and Mimi enjoying the fellowship before movie time!
The children's movie was "Up" and Janie was beyond excited about the balloons!

She loved the balloons so much, she was able to bring them home!

Have a great week everyone!!

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