Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Janie loves Ms. Gaye......

So ever since I adopted Janie, I have been asked "who keeps her during the day"? Well here is the story.....wwwwaaaaaayyyyyy back when in 2008 when I received the referral of my Vietnam princess, I began researching child care. I would love to stay home with my child(ren), but obviously being a single mommy--I must work. Luckily since I teach, I have great working hours as well as lots of holiday breaks...but, I still needed child care.

I thought about an in-home caregiver but knew I could never afford a private "nanny" and I was leary about sending my child to someone's private home unless I really knew them well.
So, I began visiting local day-care centers. I chose one and waited...then lost the Vietnam referral. After receiving Janie's referral from Taiwan, I re-visted the day care and decided on it.

Then after I got home from Taiwan a dear friend told me that her in-home provider had an opening....WHAT??? This was AMAZING news to me!! Here is why:

Janie stays with the WONDERFUL Ms. Gaye!!! I coached her daughter in cheerleading when she was in middle/high school. Her parents attend my church. I have known her for years!! She is so amazing with her little ones!! She keeps children of teachers so she works on our school schedule. Currently she keeps Janie, a precious little guy named Charlie, and 2 beautiful sisters Molly and Ivey. They are all 4 such good little friends--it's so cute!

Charlie is 2 and his mommy teaches with me at my school!
Molly is in kindergarten and Ivey in 3rd grade (so they come after school) and their mommy teaches at the middle school.

I couldn't be happier! Ms. Gaye has kept so many children over the years and I just love, love, love her! So does Janie!!! She plans to keep Lexie too!!!! 

Here is a picture of Ms. Gaye reading to Janie and Charlie! 
Here is Charlie, Molly, and Janie at Charlies birthday party back in May!
Janie has so much fun each day, sometimes this is what she does when she gets home!! 
My tired princess getting her beauty sleep!

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Family of Three said...

Looks like you have an awesome situation! Childcare was so hard for me! I too am a single mommy & a teacher... in GA! I'd love to know where you are as I have met just a few Single moms who have adopted. Anyway.. I was luck to find a caregiver close by who came HIGHLY recomended by two of my closest teacher friends... love Anna's babysitter!