Thursday, August 12, 2010

Court update!

Today was the scheduled court hearing for Lexie. Well, bad news and good news. First the bad news, it was rescheduled for Sept. 2 because social worker report was not complete (boo). And birth mom did not attend. I was disappointed at first to hear that because she attended Janie's court hearing. I say "at first" becasue I then was told that after Deana got back to the office the birth mom called saying she was so sorry-she had overslept and felt very bad about it. So, she came into the office and it sounds like the social worker came over and finished the report today. So, it sounds like it is done and maybe then Sept. 2 will go well. So at least some kind of progress happened today. And then I heard something that made me swell with emotion. Birth mom was able to see some updated pictures of both Janie and Lexie. She expressed how comforting it was to see them both so healthy and happy. She spent some time looking at thier similarities and differnences--so sweet. And apparently she expressed her gratitude to me for adopting both which is allowing them to be together. This brought me to tears--for so many reasons. How can I ever thank her enough--she gave my daughters life!! She gave me a precious gift in Janie and now again in Lexie. I remember for 7 long months only getting to see pictures of Janie. Not being able to hold her, kiss her, snuggle her, feel her, smell her.....and now I am blessed to have her in my life while her birth mom can now only look at pictures. This hit me pretty hard today. You know as you begin to educate yourself on adoption and the adoption triad, you learn about the loss associated with adoption. I felt that for her today. I am grateful and thankful every second that I have this precious child in my life and that I will soon have her sister as well--but I have to be honest and say my heart went out to her birthmom today in a big way. I always include her in my daily prayers...but today was a little more intense. So now, I wait for Sept. 2..... Hang on sweet Lexie---we're coming!


Lost and Found said...

What an emotional day this must have been. Here's to a speedy rescheduling!

michelle said...

What a day for all of you! Adoption is such a hard thing because it brings one person great happiness, but sadness for another. It's wonderful that you will be taking care of her beautiful girls and they will grow up together. I hope your court date goes well in Sept.

Keith and Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about the delay Tonya. It's so hard to wait. I'll keep you 3 in my prayers and ask that you can hold Lexie soon!