Thursday, July 24, 2008

I refuse to give up....

Each passing day moves me closer to Sept. 1. Gosh, what a dreaded date that is! I really only have 2 slim chances of completing this adoption:
1. I receive another referral and by some miracle the referral is made "official" before Sept. 1
2. An agreement is reached to "grandfather" all of us logged in by July 1 to complete an adoption

Both seem pretty unlikely.....BUT, I refuse to give up hope or lose faith. God can move mountains! If this is meant to be, it will happen!! I have to believe that

The DIA in Vietnam recently stated their intentions to have 50% of the logged in dossiers (some 1,700 American dossiers total) receive "official" referrals by Sept. 1. You do the math--that is approximately 800 families!! While that would be great and I admire the DIA for being so optimistic--I just can't see where it will actually happen. Are the orphanges/provinces even still giving referrals to American really seems to have slown down.

After losing my referral (exactly 1 month ago today) I was told I was "next on the list". That is great, but if the orphanges/provinces are reluctant to refer to American families, I might as well be "last" on the list.....

Oh, I'm getting negative again...that is what happens to me all day long-every day. One minute I am positive and full of hope and then the very next minute I am negative and full of worry and doubt.

Please God, let this happen! I can only trust in your plan for me....

On another note: I am updating my homestudy. Kind of weird, huh? My paperwork expires in November and it is time for me to resubmit my paperwork to USCIS for my 1 time free extension. So, I need my homestudy updated. It almost feels like a waste of time, but if I do happen to get a referral I don't want ANY reason for this not to happen! I want everything on my end up-to-date!! If anymore delays happen, I certainly don't want it to be something I could have fixed!!!


dwayne and melanie said...

I hope every thing times out for you. Our agency has gotten their last referrals this past week. They are not getting anymore because th
THey feel there will not be time to receive the DIA letter. We are moving on to Taiwan. I have to have some closure.
I pray for you daily! I pray your dream will come true.

Jessica and Chris said...

My name is Jessica and I am friends with Thea. She gave me your blog. I am so very very sorry to hear about you losing your referral. I know that your little girl is out there just for you. Please don't give up, it will happen for you. I plan to follow your journey! We have also had quite a few ups and downs.
Jessica Crutchfield