Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Janie!

Hi Everyone,
Janie here....So last week my day sitter had a special event going on and couldn't watch me, so I got to spend the whole day with Mimi. Mommy wondered how spoiled I would be when she got home.....Mimi and I "shopped 'til we dropped". Here is what mommy found when she got home!

Yep, Mimi bought me all kinds of great things: some new clothes, some room decorations, and of course toys!! It was sooooo much fun spending the whole day with her!

My friend Harrison is hoping to have some siblings soon! Yep, his mommy and daddy are going to be adopting from Ethopia (hopefully a sibling group) and they sold these great shirts as a fundraiser for the adoption. Mommy has one too and really likes it, but she says I make a cuter model. You can read their journey HERE.

Lots of people said I look cute in this outfit. Boy, mommy comes up with some silly outfits for me! 

I have a new love---BARNEY! Of course Elmo is still #1, but Barney is pretty funny too! Mommy got me some DVD's and I love to watch the songs and dance along with Barney!
Here I am just being silly at home--my favorite thing to do is pull ALL of my toys out of the toy boxes, cabinets, baskets, and spread them all over the entire house!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Take care!
Love you all,


Fei said...

Hellow Tonya:I am Fei from you remeber us.I am a nurse who work in the hospital.I have smoe Janie`s photo,but i don`t know how to mail to my english is poor.i hope you can know what i mean.

Cassie said...

I wish we lived closer so that I could see you guys more! I would love to spend more time with that precious little girl!

Tonya said...

Thanks Cassie, so sweet.

Fei, thanks for the sweet comment. And, thanks for taking care of my little girl while she was in the hospital in Taiwan. I am coming back to Taitung soon to adopt her sister. We will come by the hospital to visit again and you can see Janie!