Friday, June 18, 2010

My Dancing Queen!

Janie has discovered dance! She has always loved music and bounced along or tapped her foot. But now she is fully dancing! 

She has 5 main dances:
1. The bounce! Where she just bounces up and down
2. The twist! She loves to twist with arms in the air
3. The spin! She will spin around in circles
4. The head bop! She bops her head up/down and forward/backwards. (I also call it the chicken dance)
5. The foot tap! She will just stop playing and tap her foot. Too funny. She used to do this when she was crawling too. If she heard music, she would stop crawling and tap her left foot on the ground.

I have been trying to capture some of this dancing on video. I got a little today-not much-but I'll keep trying to get more. 

Here is some of The Bounce dance (with a little Twist at the end):

The beginning of The Twist-but then back to The Bounce:

Here is a little Twist/Bounce combo (and almost a spin, but something else captures her attention):


Shelly said...

Too cute! That could entertain me all day! :0)

Robin said...

I LOVE it!!. I have been checking in and following Janie but have been super busy and unable to comment. School got out today for 3 of my 4. Janie is such a sweetheart. I LOVE how much fun you have with her! You inspire me to appreciate the little thigs that Luaren does.