Monday, June 14, 2010

16 months!

Yep, Janie is 16 months old today! How did that happen? She has become such a little toddler. My baby is gone. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of her when I'm rocking her to sleep or giving her a bottle--but basically, she is a toddler with a mind of her own now! Sometimes I still can't believe that she is in my life but yet I feel like I have known her forever. I guess God placed her in my heart years ago!

Here is what she is up to these days:

Mobility: Let's just say she keeps me VERY busy. She walks-ummm correction-she runs everywhere! She is fast and takes off!! She is also a climber! She loves to see how high she can get. That keeps me busy! She loves her gymnastics class. It is 45 minutes a week of pure energy and fun! She is too cute working on her forward roll at home. If I say to do it, she gets in position by putting her hands on ground and tucking her head!

Language: She talks all the time at home and in the car but the minute we get somewhere she doesn't speak at all...she just runs, plays, and observes! Her favorite words these days are: mommy (sometimes mama), dog, Bailey (my dog's name), baby, cheese, Patches (the dog where she stays while I'm at work), ball, balloon (boon), bag (she knows her snacks are in there), Mimi, hello (says like howo), bye-bye, night-night, and tons of others that I can't remember right now. I am trying to get her to say Gramps but so far she just says "ppsss".

Food: She eats EVERYTHING but her favorite is still cheese and anything with cheese in it or on it! But lately she doesn't want me to feed her at all. She is great with finger foods but spoon not so much....and she wants to use it soooo bad. Guess it's time to start eating with a diaper on and just clean up the messiness! Should be lots of fun!

Playing: She is beginning to do creative/pretend play now. It is too cute. She loves to pretend to cook, stir, and eat. Tonight I noticed her "feeding" her baby doll. She also LOVES books, phones, and Elmo!!

Personality: Well, she is for sure my child. She is stubborn, fiesty, and has a mind of her own! She lets you know right away when she wants something! She is a GREAT baby/toddler. So happy and loves to people watch--but when she is done with something or she wants something else--watch out! She is a girl with attitude and not afraid to use it--of course she usually does it with a smile. She uses her cuteness on anyone that will fall for it!

Here are some random pictures of my 16 month old sweetie!!

Is this a future UGA Nationally ranked gym-dog gymnast?? Could be!!

Playing on a rocking horse in the observation room before her gymnastics class one day!

Random sweetness!

Janie's God-family (the Harrison's) have a great pool and had Janie over for a swim! She loved it and is looking forward to going back lots this summer!!

And now some random video:

Janie likes to play "Night Night". Sometimes she will say "night night" when she does this, but not this time...

Here is Janie at the pool! She loved, loved, loved it!!! 
Listen to her say "yay" right when she jumps into the water!

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Single Women Adopting Children said...

Wow- Janie is beautiful and quite the swimmer! Does she like gymnastics? I haven't put Mila in tumbling/gymnastics yet as she loves to be outside and we are taking advantage of that (oh - and it's really expensive so I'm waiting until I really need some indoor exercise).

She looks a little smaller than you have her weight/height stats? Mila is on the small side for weight (20th- up from 10th percentil) but is tall (50th percentile) comparatively speaking. Love the updates!