Sunday, November 15, 2009

Janie's School Spirit!!

Janie had a good time at the state cheerleading championships this past weekend. She wasn't too fond of the hotel though. She really DID NOT like the playpen/crib to sleep in. She missed her crib and her home!! I knew Janie was adjusting well and her bonding/attachment has been going so well....I was sad that she was uncomfortable for a few hours during the night, but this was a big sign that she is really adjusting well and knows her home. Since we have been home, she hasn't slept anywhere but home--and she was really missing it. She WOULD NOT sleep. She didn't really cry that much (some but it could have been much worse) but she would not go to sleep in the playpen at all! She had to be completely exhausted and SOUND ASLEEP when we put her in it or she immediately would wake up and want OUT!! I had taken the sheet off her crib and all of her current crib toys in hopes it would help--but it didn't. 

I thought about doing co-sleeping when she first arrived home from Taiwan, but she had done so well in a crib at the birth home in Taiwan that I chose to continue that and she has always felt very comfortable in her crib......But this past weekend, we did some co-sleeping...although, she still didn't sleep much. She just stayed on the bed between my mom and I and smiled, cooed, and played--too sweet!

When we got home, she was such a HAPPY BABY! She was sooooo glad to be home and when she fell asleep and I placed her in her crib, she just sighed, relaxed and basically melted into a sweet sleep and slept for 12 hours, woke up for 1 hour, then slept another 2 hours......I guess Dorothy is right--There is no place like home! 

Here is Janie with her friend Lorenzo:

Check out Janie's cheerleading uniform. How adorable is this!!! One of my cheer parents had it made for her using material and braiding from an old OCHS uniform! Sooooo many people all day kept coming up to her and commenting on how cute she looked. She was quite the hit at the competition!!

This was her dinner outfit. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse. She loved watching the chef cook on the grill!!!! One of our competition coaches got her this precious outfit! 

Check out this sweet face!!

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