Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Janie Cuteness!

Janie wore her new pink boots to church this past Sunday! So cute!! It's hard to see in these pictures but her dress is a light mint green color with polka dots around the neck and her tights have matching dots....and of course the boots!!!

Thanksgiving is almost here (which is also Gramps birthday) and we are soooooo excited. We have so much to be thankful for this year. Several family members are coming and will be meeting Janie for the first time! We can't wait!!

And, Janie is loving her sweet potatoes, just in time for Thanksgiving. Have I mentioned how much she loves her foods now....recently the doctor cleared her for something more than just formula and rice cereal...she loves her food. So far she has been introduced to:

Bananas, Peaches, Applesauce, Pears, Sweet Potatoes, and Avacado

She loves it all!!

Next up Tofu (doctor recommended for protein). I've read it really doesn't have much of a taste, but takes on the taste of the food it is mixed with....so that shouldn't be a problem for her! 


Becky said...

Very cute pics. Can't wait to see you both this Thursday

Dunns said...

Love those boots!!! Where did you get them? She is too cute, and then the boots... super cute!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

She's growing more and more each time I see her pictures....I know you will definately be giving extra thanks this Thanksgiving for your precious little blessing. Happy Thanksgiving!