Wednesday, May 21, 2008

8 months old.....

Tomorrow Janie will turn 8 months old (of course Vietnam time she is already 8 months)

Below are some typical milestones of 8 month babies. I wonder how Janie is developing???

The 8-month-old's motor skills include:
* Crawling and pulling on furniture to stand
* Needing help to get down from standing
* Sitting without support for 10 minutes
* Pinching with the thumb and forefinger

The 8-month-old's language skills include:
* May say "Ma-Ma" and "Da-Da" but not specifically to parents
* Understanding simple instructions
* Shaking head no

The 8-month-old's mental abilities include:
* Reacting quickly to situations
* Showing interest in cause-and-effect relationships like making wheels turn or bells sound
* Anticipating events not related to own behavior like meeting Mom or Dad at the door
* Solving simple problems

The 8-month-old's social traits include:
* Shouting for attention
* Pushing things away that are not wanted
* Biting and chewing toys

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