Saturday, October 2, 2010

Court Update & Moon Festival

Court for Lexie went well. The long-awaited report was done and the judge heard the case. Now, I just wait for first ruling, then final decree, then AIT appointment, then I can travel and bring my daughter home. Can't wait to unite these precious sisters!!

Last Sunday, I took Janie to a Moon Festival Celebration. We are fortunate to live near The University of Georgia and they have a program called the Asian Children Mentor Program (I've blogged about it before). They match Asian students with locally adopted Asian children. They host lots of events and the children/mentors get to spend time together.
Janie was matched with 2 sweet girls (both freshmen at UGA). Amanda who is Taiwanese/American and MinJi who is Korean/American.
Here are some pictures from Sunday.....

Janie and I posing by the sweet sign!

Janie and her mentors MinJi and Amanda!

Janie and her new friend Anna Grace. Anna Grace just arrived home from China about 6 months ago. Her mommy teaches at the middle school.

Janie getting to know Amanda and MinJi and enjoying some traditional Asian food including Moon Cakes!

Janie didn't really want to make any of the crafts--but she enjoyed playing with the finished products everyone else made!

She was REALLY into the piano and loved having Amanda and MinJi help. This made her Mimi happy since she really wants Janie to play the piano when she gets older!

We look forward to spending more time with Amanda and MinJi and getting to know them better. We plan to attend as many of the scheduled events as we can and maybe even spending other times with them-maybe the park or playground. I really love this program and feel so fortunate to have Janie learn so much from these amazing students!

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Michele said...

Praying we are both in Taiwan SOON. Maybe even the same time!